Tankless Hot melt Adhesive Dispensing System "Invisipac"
Graco´s tankless hot melt system is designed to create a safer and problem-free carton packaging line. With its automatic feeding and tankless design, it addresses all the issues a packaging line faces:
  • Guarantees continuous flow of adhesive
  • Reduces char and nozzle plugging due to the melt on demand principle
  • Fastest start up time in the market
  • Remote monotoring possibility via phone, tablet or computer
You really forget it's there, amazing
Biagio Cerati, Owner, Pasta Cerati
Hot melt dispensing guns
The entire range of hot melt glue applicators (GM100 and GS35)are available in standard and slim fit models
Single Gun
Dual Gun
Quad Gun
Pattern Control System
Save money by converting from a solid bead to a stitched bead with the push of a button
Approved by all major hot melt manufacturers
Graco works together with a large number of material manufacters to make sure our equipment runs smoothly with all adhesives on the market. (EVA and Metallocene)

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